Parenting Courses at Al-Madina Mosque

Our parenting course engages with mothers and fathers through education, participation, social interaction and skill development in order to promote healthier relationships and improve physical and mental health through the medium of promoting understanding of human relationships and the acknowledgement that differing dynamics impact on different aspects of relationships.

Subject matters include Building Relationships with teenagers, Toddler Tantrums & Coping Mechanisms, Domestic Violence & the impact on unborn children.

‘Successful Parenting’ was developed in response to identified gaps in community services and is reflective and responsive to women’s changing needs. We identified that women, especially those from a BAME background are underrepresented and are less likely to participate in workshops of this nature whilst at higher risk of suffering from the outcomes. Our classes have improved and developed participants understanding of different life styles and the mental and physical benefits of education.

Some attendees have seen notable improvements in their familial relationships ranging from with partners and inclusive of relationship with children, whilst others are making more conscious relationship choices informed through knowledge rather than just emotional responses and have improved motivation to implement lasting lifestyle changes.

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