OPAL’s core purpose is to provide friendship and reduce loneliness experienced by older people in west Cheshire who, for one reason or another find it difficult to get out and about to meet others. We do this through a suite of ‘befriending’ services and through our Clubs.

Our goal is to get people together in cheerful social situations, such as the OPAL Clubs. Since covid we recognise that not everyone is able to take part, especially those who would need physical help from others. Our volunteers can no longer provide the same level of support due to social distancing recommendations and we want to keep everyone safe. Therefore we offer older people a range of ‘Befriending’ services which can include one or more of the following:

  • A regular friendly telephone chat (often weekly) from a volunteer.
  • Our regular newsletter, OPAL Reach, delivered by post or email.
  • A doorstep visit or garden visit from an OPAL volunteer.
  • An activity bag delivered to you every 2 or 3 months.
  • A small group morning or afternoon outing to a local venue for tea/coffee and chat.
  • A social day or part-day at one of our Clubs each week/fortnight, with refreshments.
  • OPAL membership is open to older people living in the rural areas of west Cheshire and everyone wishing to receive a service from OPAL is visited by one of our Organisers who will discuss what we can offer them.

There is a small charge for each of these services.

For more information email contactus@opalservices.org.uk or if you would like to volunteer with OPAL, contact our Volunteer Coordinator volunteering@opalservices.org.uk.

Service access criteria: Living in the rural areas of west Cheshire
Day centres
Activities for older people
Additional needs catered for:
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