Men In Sheds Ottery

In 2016, Ottery Help Scheme worked in partnership with the Royal Voluntary Service and Men's Sheds UK to help to create a Men's Shed in Ottery St Mary.

If you have never heard of a Men's Shed, the idea initially started in Australia and the aim is to bring together like-minded men in the community, often over 50 years of age (but not necessarily limited to that age group or gender).

The Shed members can work together or independently on any number of projects or individual craft activities which may range from woodwork or metal work through to bike repairs, clothes making or anything else which may appeal.

The Shed can develop and grow depending upon the wishes of its members and essentially it is a great space where like-minded men (and women) can go to socialise and meet others with similar interests.

The Ottery Men's Shed is situated at 8 Hind St Ottery Saint Mary EX11 1BW

If you are interested in joining the group or talking to one of the Committee members, you can email: or make contact by telephone as per the details below.

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