Osteostrong Psychophysical Health & Wellbeing Programme

My name is Bazil Hunte, a Consultant Health Psychologist with over 40 years experience in the health and wellness industry. I am also a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), European Health Psychology Society (EPHs), National Back Pain Association (NBPA) and a ‘Registered Psychologist’ with the UK Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).

I am extremely passionate about empowering others, health behaviour change and the application of health psychology to every aspect of my day to day work and client's life.

I am involved in the following areas of work:

Psychological Health assessments.
Fitness and wellbeing consultations and assessments for the over 50s and physically challenged communities (Home base programmes for posture, balance, mobility, flexibility and strength)
Quinamatic assessment (a video analysis falls prevention programme)
Bone Health (osteogenic loading programme for reducing osteoporosis, strengthening bones, improving balance and posture)
Managing Stress, Anxiety and other Mental Health conditions in the light of COVID19 and Lockdown.
HIV counselling and support.
Corporate wellness.
Facilitation Training for Trainers.
VoxxLife (Health Performance Technology)
Over the years, I have worked within Statutory (UK, NHS, Social Services), Voluntary and the Private Sector, as well as internationally, with governments, including the UK, Barbados and other Caribbean countries. I have also worked with organisations such as UNICEF, and as a Master Trainer with John Hopkins University (HIV counselling and testing in the Caribbean).

I was responsible for setting up one of the largest ‘Exercise on Preion’ scheme linked to GP surgeries in the UK, and also led on the development and implementation of a National ‘Voluntary Counselling and HIV Testing Service’ across Barbados. I was jointly responsible with my wife for the creation, development and implementation of a ‘Conflict Mediation and Resolution Service within the Barbados Youth Justice Service, with the Attorney General’s Office.

I am also a member of the International Osteostrong Team (OS CEO Kyle Zadrosky) and work in collaboration with the Stratford Village Surgery in East London, where I set up and continue to run, an Osteogenic Loading clinic. I have also spearheaded the development of the first Osteostrong Research Centre in the world. I am also responsible for the first two osteogenic loading publications in the UK, conducted with Dr Jaquish (OS inventor/scientist) on the Impact of Osteogenic Loading on bone health and pre and type two diabetes’. I am committed to providing and delivering ethical, client led, evidence based programmes.

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