Anxiety Uk

In 1970, the charity’s founders, Katharine and Harold Fisher established The Phobics’ Society from their home in Chorlton, Manchester, as a direct result of Katharine’s personal experience of agoraphobia and with the sole aim of getting support in place for others living with anxiety..

Since then we’ve become a national organisation, however we still have the same basic aims. Whether you have anxiety, stress, anxiety-based depression or a phobia that’s affecting your daily life, we’re here to help and are here for you.
We offer an extensive range of support services designed to help control  anxiety rather than letting it control you.

Services available for both members and non-members include:

Access to a community of other like-minded people
Discounted one-to-one therapy services from our network of Anxiety UK Approved Therapists
A wide range of helpful resources to help you understand and overcome anxiety
Access to anxiety support groups
Discounted Art for Anxiety Relief (AfAR) courses
Discounted anxiety management courses

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Additional needs catered for:
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