Disability First

Disability First Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) has been supporting people since 1992, through the specialist provision of services across Lancashire and Cumbria. Operating without boundaries or prejudice, working with Local Governments, Health Organisations, and Charities to promote, co-ordinate and improve the wide range of services they provide for disabled people.

We also work with business and government services to campaign and raise awareness of the disability issues in a bid to achieve greater accessibility and inclusion, whilst driving forward continued improvements in service provision. One of our crucial roles is promoting the views of disabled people, through representation and consultation.

The organisation provides a portfolio of overlapping services that aim to promote health and wellbeing, enabling people with long term health conditions of all ages, to live independently.

  • Benefits Welfare Advice
    Disability First offers exclusive, in-person welfare benefit services by appointment, supported by dedicated volunteers for personalised assistance.
  • Asbestos Related Conditions
    Since 2010 our Asbestos Advice Service eases welfare benefit forms stress. We collaborate with national asbestos support groups in the
  • Neurodivergent Support
    Our pilot scheme offers free therapy for common mental health issues, prioritising neurodivergent individuals.
Benefits advice and assessment
Helping with money
Additional needs catered for:
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