Tapestry Day Club

Our mission is to help older people with early-stage dementia and in social isolation live independently for as long as possible. We offer day care in small groups within the comfort of our hosts’ family homes, thereby also providing precious "me time" for carers.

Included in the day are all refreshments, a two-course, home-cooked lunch and optional memory-boosting activities. Our hosts are carefully vetted and fully trained. And transport is generally available, too.

We have hosts across Surrey and West Sussex, and operate on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with some of our hosts working on all three days.

New hosts are constantly coming on board, so please contact us for the latest information.

Service access criteria: Our hosts are unable to provide personal care
Day centres
Activities for older people
Adult carers advice and support
Connecting with others
Day to day helping hand
Managing a long-term health condition
Services for older people
Support for carers
Additional needs catered for:
Dementia friendly
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