EMCYP - Bounceback

BBFP offers a positive pathway for changes to the way we deal with mental health issues. We 100% believe that exercise and fitness is the way to combat it!

What is the Bounceback Fitness Project ? 

The Bounceback fitness project is aimed at young people aged 12+ with mental health issues who wish to change their lives through physical activity and exercise. Young people with mental health issues will be able to attend the group, at least once a week with group or one to one sessions dependent on their individual needs.
We aim to encourage young people with mental health illnesses such as anxiety, depression or low mood, to use the project and to take part in physical activity and exercise in our wellbeing performance Centre.
The project will potentially be available for 6-12 weeks for young people dependent on their needs. We hope that they will carry on using the wellbeing Centre after the project has finished and become peer mentors/talk buddies to other young people that are completing the project.

Bounceback is unique

There are very few projects of this kind in the area, or indeed in the country. We have researched projects of this kind and have found there is very little support for young people who suffer with mental health issues
This would benefit the local community by helping young people in the area with mental health issues to develop their self confidence and self esteem, encouraging young people to become fitter and healthier and promoting emotional well being as well as physical well being, so that they can help create emotional resilience and help to build a better life and fulfil their full potential.

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