Damp and mould reporting service - Housing & Respiratory Illness

This is a tool for professionals who visit their customers in their homes within Leicestershire County Council area. It offers a single point to refer customers into Council and Social Landlord services, when you discover damp and mould growth in your patients’ / service users homes.  
Council tenants 
Referrals will be directed through to the Housing Repairs and Housing Management teams. The two teams will inspect, and the property undertake any necessary repairs and make sure that the customer is in receipt of all additional assistance that they are entitled to manage their homes. 
Private Rented Sector tenants 
Referrals will be directed to the Private Sector Housing team who will contact your customer and make any necessary arrangements to inspect the property and take appropriate action to ensure that any hazards are removed or suitably reduced. 
Housing Association tenants 
Initially referrals will be passed to the appropriate landlord and time allowed for them to take appropriate action to remedy the situation. Should the need arise, the case will be passed onto the Private Sector Housing enforcement team for oversight and to ensure that action is taken to remove or suitable reduce hazards. 
Owner occupiers 
Where your customer owns their own home. The referral will be passed onto local grants teams to contact and assist the homeowner to access any financial assistance that may be available to them. 

All tenures

As part of the triage service all referrals will be considered for referral to Leicestershire County Council to consider customers under their Green Living Leicestershire scheme or Home Energy Retrofit Offer (HERO). HERO supports residents with advice on what can be done to homes to keep warm and cut energy bills. 

If you have any queries on how to use this form, please contact the Housing & Respiratory Illness Team via the email address below. 

Service statistics
Usually replies in 5 days
75% of referrals accepted
Council tenant advice
Housing advice
Social prescribing
Support with housing
Service access criteria:

Service users must be referred into the scheme and also must be residents living within Leicestershire County Council's boundaries and customers living within Leicester City Council or outside the county area will not be accepted.

Additional needs catered for:
Waiting list (weeks): 2
damp, mould, housing, health, public health, asthma, respiratory, illness, mold, landlord, hazards, hazard, damp and mould, damp and mold, COPD
Who can refer: Professional referrals only
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