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Providing an easy way for young people to discover support, advice and information about their health and growing up, Health for Teens covers an extensive range of topics including feelings, growing up, health, lifestyle, relationships and sexual health.

Health for Teens offers content for young people of all ages, from those making the move to secondary school for the first time through to those readying themselves for university. This content is delivered in many forms, including written articles, videos, animations, quizzes and audio snippets featuring the voices of young people.

Young people can access information around mental health support and self-care as well as common health conditions, relationship advice and help around self-esteem and body image plus much more.

Health for Teens also benefits from a dedicated Leicester City local area, providing localised advice and support services, as well as school nurse contact information for secondary schools in the city.

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Healthy lifestyle
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Mental health
Youth support
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