Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing is a natural process which involves a flow of energy between the healer and recipient to being about improvements in physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being.

You will be asked to sit or lie down on your back in a relaxed position or sit comfortably on a chair . If healing is in -person, your healer will work with hands a short distance from your body or with with a light touch .

​People experience a range of sensations during healing ; from relaxation and bliss, tingling, feelings of warmth or coolness , arising emotions or other sensations whilst the energy goes to work .

​Healing can be used in addition to medical treatment or other therapies and interventions and addresses the underlying causes of symptoms, by helping the body enter a healing process at its own pace. Sometimes people feel better instantly; sometimes gradually during the days after healing, or over the course of a number of sessions. It can be especially helpful during a crisis or when you need to bring a sense of balance into your life. 

​Natasha is a qualified Healer Member of The Healing Trust ( Formally NFSH) 

Insured through Balens. 

Mental health support
Healthy lifestyle
Managing a long-term health condition
Mental health
Services for older people
Service access criteria:

Adults and Children ( with guardian present ).

If seeking support to heal a medical condition, GP must be consulted first. 

£35 for 1-1 session in your own home, or in home- based clinic in Medway. 

£20 for distance healing via Zoom. 

Additional needs catered for:
Physical disability friendly
Takes place in the client’s home
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