For Retired and Semi-Retired People around Brackley


1. To encourage those older people no longer in full-time employment to engage in educational and cultural activities.
2. To find and help such people use their skills to teach and learn.
3. To provide affordable education for all members
4. To make the population, as well as educational establishments, aware of the existence and aims of U3A.
5. To encourage people of all cultures to participate and both give and receive the benefits of mutual experience.
6. To seek to include the housebound and the disabled in the educational and cultural activities of the U3A.
7. To ensure adequate recognition of the abilities of the retired.
8. To obtain access to, and the use of, facilities for the activities of the U3As from National and Local Government and other organisations
9. To actively demonstrate the continuing contributions made by third agers.

Connecting with others
Mental health
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