Salaam Radio

Salaam radio is a community radio service to the local Muslim and wider community.

They have a variety of shows which give services such as the NHS, Police, Council and other organisations and community groups a platform, to raise awareness and disseminate community-related information and messaging.

Salaam promotes British values and culture, especially to new Muslim communities coming to Peterborough in recent years.

Salaam programmes aim to support the integration of Muslims from various ethnicities including Pakistani, Indian, Afghan and Arabic-speaking backgrounds, but is not limited to these.

With its Islamic ethos, Salaam hopes to promote tolerant and moderate understanding of Islam, while also working to prevent extreme ideas taking root in the community, and provide an alternative narrative to counter extremist ideas.

Salaam occasionally organises seminars, training courses and events.

If you would like to work with Salaam please get in touch via the contacts listed.

You can listen to Salaam radio via your radio, an app for your smart phone, or you can listen online by clicking here.

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