Keeping Families Together

Keeping Families Together (Wandsworth Youth for Christ Charity) is based in Wandsworth London, which provides support to families that are struggling with day to day issues and basics. We also provide a safe environment for young people to detach themselves from gang culture and to support them in staying in education. We offer support for parents including training, workshops and administration to alleviate loneliness and help families under Wandsworth social services.
Keeping Families Together is run by volunteers that would like to give back to the community. Keeping Families Together was founded by Deepika Makwana (Dee), a single parent who has herself experiences with bringing up her own children. KFT have recruited and DBs checked volunteers that have been through many life challenges and experiences bring up their own children. 

We provide the following services:

-Supporting pregnant women.
-Play and Stay session for under 5s every Fridays 10am to 12pm from 6th May 2022.
-One-to-one support for young people.
-Supporting young people in gang exit by providing alternate ways
-Working alongside Missing People’s SafeCall Service a confidential service for young people and their families affected by county lines and exploitation throughout England and Wales.
-Supporting young people that are on the verge of being excluded.
-Working alongside Ondabeat studio.
-Supporting young people with mental health.
-Working alongside Wandsworth Lions FC chill out sessions for the under 13s football team.
-Supporting young people aged 16+ to find jobs and in writing CVs.
-One-to-one support for parents.
-One to one support for dads and support group starting soon.
-Weekly parent forum.
-Working alongside social prescribing link workers to support families with housing matters.
-Working alongside Streetlytes cooking free hot meals for vulnerable families that live in Wandsworth.
-Confidential domestic violence women’s support group.
-Basic counselling and CBT counselling and life coaching.
-Confidential support for professionals and social services on cases.
We are built on Christian values, but we work with everyone in the community regardless of their religion.


Connecting with others
Support with housing
Youth support