Urban Cooking Collective

The Manor's Urban Cooking Collective aim to work with 10-15 young people in school years 7–9. We are looking to Newham Secondary Schools to make referrals of young people who: 

  • Are struggling with weight management
  • Are suffering from food deprivation
  • Have poor eating habits 

This is a rolling programme and referrals can be made throughout the year. Young people will be asked for an initial commitment of 6 weeks on the programme, with the option to continue after a review. 

The Urban Cooking Collective will run for 50 weeks from January 2022. 

Meal Kits (47 weeks): Every week the young people will be asked to collect a meal kit from our community centre. The kit will contain a recipe card and the ingredients to cook a meal for the young person’s family. Each young person will be asked to film their cooking experience and submit their video. The videos will be collated in a weekly montage and used for further learning. 

Food Get-Togethers (3 weeks): At the end of each term (Covid restrictions permitting), all young people and their families will be invited to a food event where they will eat together and share learning – an Easter buffet (April), a summer picnic (August) and a Festive Feast (December). 

Support Offer: Children’s Workers will work with the young people and their families to ensure that they have the necessary kitchen equipment to take part in the programme. 

Families will also have access to our weekly food distribution service 'Little Manor Supermarket'. 

To make a referral for this programme please get in touch: 

Telephone: 020 3355 3982

Email: UCC.referral@aston-mansfield.org.uk

Service access criteria: Young people in school years 7-9
Basic necessities (food/clothes)
Healthy lifestyle
Youth support
Additional needs catered for:
Wheelchair accessible
Learning difficulty friendly
Physical disability friendly
Key words - separate with a comma: cooking, food, healthy eating, young people, secondary school, meal kits, weight management