Making Everyone Equal

Vision Statement

“To support all individuals of west Cumbria that have experienced trauma in any form. To be able to access specialist support, to enable and empower them, to achieve their own sustainable recovery”


“To save lives now and in the future by providing a safe and secure environment, clear communication and direct support to enable individuals to develop tools so that they can ignite change,”

About Us

Our focus and passion are to provide a holistic approach to trauma recovery and our team of specially trained Trauma informed practitioners will aim to find the best recovery pathway, specific to the individual needs of our clients; to empower everyone in the service to live a healthy, safe and stable life where they feel more in control.

Aims and objectives

To individuals 17 years &over who have experienced any form of trauma, including family members and partners.

Offer a service to clients who do not fit the eligibility criteria/remit for other trauma specific services.

To offer a service to clients who have experienced Poly victimisation and multiple traumas across the life span this will:

·       Reduce social isolation/loneliness

·       Reduce Child Poverty

·       Build resilience and management of post trauma symptomatology 

·       Reduce symptoms of PTSD

·       Provide a safe space for Men /Women/LBTQ+

·       Provide guidance and support via the anti-natal and post-natal MEE Package

·       Reduction in offending behaviours

·       A strengths-based approach to building effective resources to health and wellbeing

·       Specific focus on confidence, self-esteem and stabilisation

·       Offer bespoke psychoeducational courses to promote understanding of the impact trauma has on individuals /families and the wider community

·       Offer a support pathway to those most in need who would usually have to wait 6- 12 months for support


This in turn will alleviate pressure on overstretched Mental health services, Police, Probation service, Children and Adult services and GP’s team having a multidisciplinary specially trained staff who are skilled in supporting vulnerable individuals with a multiagency whole systems approach towards recovery. 


1 to 1 Support

Offering bespoke support tailored for each individual on a 1 to 1 basis, with a qualified Trauma Informed Practitioner.

Telephone Support

This will be accessible to all individuals; the provision will enable individuals to speak to a qualified practitioner to seek advice /support of where and how they can be best supported. To ensure all clients receive a service the MEE team are adaptable and will provide home visits and online support where appropriate.

Me, Myself & I

The course will be accessible to individuals who have experienced varying forms of trauma. This a 10-week self-development course. Me Myself and I, will build self-esteem /confidence, promote positive coping strategies, self-care techniques this will include reducing suicidal ideology, reducing symptoms of PTSD and having peer support to help in their recovery.

Bump to Baby (B2B)

B2B (Bump 2 Baby) is a person centred, psychoeducational, trauma informed, bespoke ante/postnatal program for individuals 17+. That struggle to engage with statutory services due to multifaceted trauma, this program is targeted at teens and vulnerable adults. Offering continuity, direct support, education and practical help for all aspects of pregnancy and early days with baby, building on trust, confidence and engagement. This will be offered as 1-1, group support and if fully adaptable to specific needs.

Hope to Recovery

Hope to recovery is a 6-week, psychoeducational, trauma informed program, offering those that are or have been within a domestic violence relationship the first steps towards recovery with full risk assessment and safety planning, towards development of recovery pathways.

Therapeutic Journaling Course

Therapeutic journaling is a 6-week course encourages individuals to find a creative outlet and release for negative emotions and find effective resources within themselves. Each week we look at different themes to explore our Inner world and perception of self. The course helps develop self-awareness and encourages reflection; whilst learning new creative and artistic skills along the way.

Service statistics
100% of referrals accepted
Service access criteria: To individuals 17 years &over who have experienced any form of trauma, including family members and partners.
Arts and creativity
Basic necessities (food/clothes)
Midwifery and maternity services
Connecting with others
Preventative services for children and young people
Healthy lifestyle
Information and advice
Mental health
Youth support
Additional needs catered for:
Waiting list (weeks): 1
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