Step One Charity has been supporting people in Devon with their mental health for over 85 years, working closely with local NHS Trusts, GP surgeries and communities. Record numbers of people across Devon are seeking support for their mental health, and at BeWell@StepOne, we use our specialist knowledge of mental health service provision to meet some of that demand. BeWell@StepOne provides support to as many people as possible across the county through our online and in-person courses, support groups and learning opportunities. We help people in need of mental health support to manage their own wellbeing and, through peer groups, support others in their communities. Our courses, workshops and peer support groups are free for people across Devon and are run by professional, qualified and supportive tutors with lived experience of mental health conditions.

Service access criteria: We provide on-line mental health and well-being courses, groups and face-to-face peer support groups.
Arts and creativity
Mental health support
Connecting with others
Getting active
Mental health
Social prescribing
Support for carers
Additional needs catered for:
Waiting list (weeks): 0
Key words - separate with a comma: Mental Health, Self-management, Socialising, Peer Support, Volunteering.