Joint Pain Programme

Join our free Joint Pain Programme to help relieve pain and lead a more independent life.

Over the 12-weeks you'll learn how to self-manage your joint pain with the expert guidance of a Rehabilitation Specialist. You'll have two 1-hour group sessions each week, as well as access to an extensive offering of online articles throughout.

You'll also receive a free Joint Pain Health assessment at the beginning, middle and end of the programme – not only to show your progress, but also to allow us to better understand conditions, ensure the efficacy and safety of the programme, and continually improve.


Please read the following statements, if any statements do not apply to the participant, the Nuffield Health Joint Pain Programme will not be suitable and further consultation with a GP will be required.

Aged 18 or over
Has the use of a smartphone, tablet or computer with internet access
Ready to commit to participate in a 12-week rehabilitation programme
Able to visit a Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centre, twice per week, for 12 consecutive weeks. Please note these sessions may be during business hours (9am–5pm)
Does not have any uncontrolled medical conditions that may prevent exercise, such as high blood pressure, unstable angina, diabetes, atrial or ventricular arrhythmias, COPD or asthma
Has not had any joint-related surgery in the last 12 weeks and has been discharged from any post-operative rehabilitation/care
Has no planned surgery in the next 20 weeks
Has experienced joint pain for at least 6 months
Does not have COVID-19 or symptoms of long COVID
Has/will inform GP of participation in this rehabilitation programme

Additional needs catered for: