Beyond Circle & Sound Community Circle

Beyond Circle & Sound ~ a connection & community Circle.

This beautiful event was born out of two friends who collaborate together (myself and Helen's sound meditation) who both value connection & community hugely.

It's not always possible in our work to offer, perhaps due to venue constraints or the time of day / night!

But we know the transformative nature of this simple, yet key human need. 

So we wanted to create an opportunity to bring people together, to sit and chat about whatever is on our hearts, or simply a chance to be with other likeminded souls.

We will be holding these the last Tuesday of the month, at Creacombe Farm, Yealmpton and anyone is welcome to come along. You don't even need to know us or to have been to any of our events. 




Last Tuesday of every month from 10am – 12pm

coffee & cake,

connection and community.

A space to just be,

with yourself and other likeminded souls,

to sit in Circle,

share what is on your heart (if you choose)

experience deep relaxation through Yoga Nidra

sound meditation,

be part of a heart led community.

An opportunity to reconnect your sense of belonging.


We would love to welcome you there.

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