Group Programmes

We provide support, advocacy and domestic abuse services to everyone who comes to us experiencing domestic abuse. 

We provide safe refuge accommodation  for women and their children who are affected by domestic abuse and violence.

Everyone should be able to live free from the fear and experience of domestic abuse and violence in their homes and relationships.

We run groups for survivors of domestic violence which include: 


Choices is a 6 week group programme that supports survivors to explore what makes a healthy or abusive relationship, the impact of abuse has on children, what makes a perpetrator and to recognise early warning signs.

Participants support each other and often continue to meet after the programme finishes. 

Self Esteem

Our self-esteem group follows on from the Choices programme , but survivors can join the group even if they have not attended the Choices programme. 

Surviving domestic abuse can leave lasting impacts on your confidence and self esteem. 

Our group aims to support you to rebuild that confidence and create friendships and relationships that will support you.

Stop Think Feel

We run the STF programme  in conjunction with Sapiens.

The main aim of the group is to improve a survivor’s ability to manage intense emotions – particularly distressing emotions (such as anger, sadness, anxiety, etc.) which can feel overwhelming and unmanageable at times.

The group has been specifically designed for delivery within the domestic abuse sector using theory from the fields of mentalisation, domestic abuse and emotional resilience. The model has been designed to help transform an emotional state into a thought process. By doing this  behaviour and relationship patterns can change over time. The model also has a focus on relationship health and development of self safety and soothing.

Connecting with others
Getting active
Healthy lifestyle
Day to day helping hand
Helping with money
Information and advice
Transport and getting around
Mental health
Support with housing
Support with employment
Support for carers
Managing a long-term health condition
Basic necessities (food/clothes)
Arts and creativity
Connecting with nature
Youth support
Social prescribing
Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
Hearing impairment friendly
Wheelchair accessible
Learning difficulty friendly
Physical disability friendly
Dementia friendly
Takes place in the client’s home
Non English speaking friendly