Mentoring and Employment Advice

Our vision is to bring the true transformation of lives. We want to reach all communities - especially young people who are not in education and people who are experiencing mental health issues. 


We offer mentoring to our the young and adult in different areas of life and career.

We provide person-centred, one-to-one mentoring support to all clients enrolled onto any of our training programmes. We also hold a range of workshop and development opportunities including the following:

Our mentoring and advisory sessions are tailored to meet individual needs and range in specialty with the chance to focus on careers, business development, and/or personal growth.

We have highly professional and experienced mentors, with many of them holding roles as business owners, directors, community leaders or life coaches, who have hands-on experience, and are committed to our client’s development and growth.

Personal Mentorship

Long-term and ongoing support for both young people and others, struggling with their wellbeing and mental health. This has been something Light Foundations has been committed to since before, during, and following the national lockdowns.

Advisory Service

We offer general advice on employment/starts related queries.

Day centres
Advice to businesses and voluntary organisations
Adult education and learning
Activities for children and young people
Asylum seekers and refugee support
Careers advice
Advice for young people
Consumer advice
Computers and IT skills
Children's centres
Legal advice
Employment and training initiatives
Family support groups and organisations
Preventative services for children and young people
Additional needs catered for:
Wheelchair accessible
Learning difficulty friendly
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