Keep Mobile community transport

Keep Mobile is an established voluntary organisation, designed especially to provide transport for elderly and disabled residents enabling them to retain their independence.

Keep Mobile provides the following door to door services:

Dial a Ride (DAR)
Members can telephone to book a journey anywhere up to 15 miles from their home. They must book their journey at least 2 days in advance.

Group trips
Members can use the group service for regular meetings or trips for an organisation.

Day excursions
Trips to places of interest as published in the members' programme.

Membership is open to anyone with a disability (whatever age) that prevents them from travelling on mainstream transport. In addition, anyone 70 years or over may use this service.

Self certification is all that is needed; there is normally no independent evidence required. You will need to reside in the areas covered by Bracknell Forest Council.

Community and accessible transport
Additional needs catered for: