Every Life Matters

Promoting Suicide Safer Communities and providing Suicide Bereavement Support across Cumbria

Our services include: 

Suicide Awareness

Our one hour bitesize FREE awareness session is aimed at anyone in the community who wants to learn more about the myths and facts surrounding suicide, understand when someone might be at risk, how to talk directly and comfortably about suicide, and what we can all do to offer practical support. 
Suicide Alertness

This three hour FREE interactive training session is aimed at anyone in a helping role who wants to understand more about the context of suicide, identify when someone may be at risk, how to ask directly about suicide, and what we can do to support someone and guide them to the help they need. 
Suicide First Aid

Suicide First Aid is a FREE half day online course for PEOPLE LIVING OR WORKING IN SOUTH CUMBRIA which teaches and practices the skills and knowledge needed to identify someone who may be thinking about suicide and competently intervene to help create suicide-safety as a first aid approach. 
Safety Planning

This FREE practical and interactive two hour session looks at how to support someone with thoughts of suicide through creating a stepped Safety Plan, helping us manage thoughts of suicide from fleeting ideas to an overwhelming desire to end ones own life. Suitable for anyone who has attended any of our one hour or half day suicide awareness sessions. 

Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience is the ability to cope with life’s challenges and ups and downs. This FREE half-day Connecting with People course helps you develop an understanding of practical strategies and coping mechanisms to promote wellbeing, whilst improving your own emotional literacy. 
Self-harm Alertness

This FREE half day course is suitable for school staff, health and social care practitioners and professionals and anyone who wants to  understand why people self-harm, develop practical tools and strategies to support people, and gain knowledge of the range of local and national support available.
Supporting Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

This short one-hour information session is designed as an introduction to mental health, self-harm and suicide for parents and carers, or anyone who works with young people, who wants to understand how to help support the wellbeing of young people. 
Assessing for Suicide in Kids

The one day ASK workshop is the only suicide prevention workshop that specifically addresses suicide risk in children and gives participants developmentally appropriate strategies and tools to identify young children at risk of suicide and quickly gather and organize key details needed to assess risk and inform safety planning. 

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a two day interactive workshop in suicide first aid and more. ASIST teaches participants to recognise when someone may have thoughts of suicide and work with them to create a plan that will support their immediate safety. 
Mental Health First Aid

The 2 day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) programme teaches people how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue. Adult or Youth versions available. Available as 2 day MHFA, 1 day Champion, half day MHFA Awareness and MHFA Refresher modules. 
Suicide Response Pt 1

This half day Connecting with People training is aimed specifically at busy clinicians in a frontline assessment roles in Mental Health services, Primary Care staff, A&E and other pressured environments. Learn to facilitate a safe assessment, triage, and immediate response and SAFETool™ via case-based learning. Develop skills and confidence of instilling hope and co-producing Safety Plans. Delivered in partnership with CNTW NHS Foundation Trust. 
Suicide Response Pt 1

This half-day Connecting with People training is aimed specifically at clinicians in a frontline roles across mental health services, primary care and so on. Learn to create a comprehensive, person-centred bio-psychosocial suicide mitigation plan and collaboratively engage in a social support mapping exercise and be able to coproduce a Social Support Maps. Delivered in partnership with CNTW NHS Foundation Trust. 

Bereavement support
Mental health support
Additional needs catered for: