Abusive Relationship Support

Over 22 years, we have supported over 10,000 individuals. Our work helps: survivors to move on and avoid future abusive relationships; perpetrators to change their behaviour and cease to abuse; children and young people to recover from the trauma of living with domestic and sexual abuse.

Here in West Cumbria, rates of domestic abuse are five per cent above the national average and referrals to our service are increasing. We are the only organisation offering free, long-term, community-based support in our area.

That depressing pattern, handed down from generation to generation, can seem impossible to defeat. But we find that most people, when challenged about their behaviour, want to change. The unique dynamic of domestic abuse is that those involved often love each other. They might have children together. It can be very difficult to seek help and challenge someone’s behaviour if you share these deep bonds. But it can also provide an incentive to change.

Service access criteria: Effected by Abuse in some way
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Key words - separate with a comma: Abuse, Relationship Abuse, Trapped,