Equine Elements

Equine Elements is a small therapeutic centre in Stroud, offering Equine Facilitated Learning and Horsemanship/ Riding. We specialise in additional needs and neurodiversity, aiming to provide a safe environment for all to connect with horses, and learn about themselves.

Equine Facilitated Learning is therapeutic based personal development through connection with horses.

Through an individually tailored programme we aim to enhance emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.
Sessions will involve building a relationship with the horses, learning about horses’ needs and relating this to our own, learning regulation and body awareness techniques, and ground based excercises with the horses that help us explore different aspects of ourselves and our lives.

EFL can be helpful for:
Confidence building
Emotional awareness
Self regulation
Self care
Processing life events and life choices
Maintaining healthy boundaries
Relationships and connection
Reducing stress and anxiety
Loss and grief
Building resilience and capabilities
Body awareness and physical capabilities
Those with ADHD, PDA, autism, attachment issues, anxiety, stress, depression, dyspraxia, and more

We have an ethical, holistic and gentle approach to horsemanship and horsecare, and as well as EFL we offer sessions in Horsemanship and Riding for those wishing to build a positive connection with horses, and learn about their needs.


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