RHPC Psychophysical Health and Well-Being Programme
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Bazil and Helen have been running this programme for 8 years, and it's the only programme of its kind in the UK. Bazil is a member of the International Osteostrong Team in the US, and works in collaboration with the Stratford Village Surgery in East London, where he set up, and continues to run, a psycho-physical (musculoskeletal health) clinic. The service has an additional focus on mental and psychological health and wellbeing, as a result of the impact of lockdown and Covid-19, especially long covid.

The programme combines Bazil's health psychology and exercise prescription/GP referral background, and over 40 years of experience in the health and wellness field, together with Helen’s experience as an Exercise Physiologist, working to improve both mental and physical wellbeing. They are supported by Taide, Senior Assistant Psychologist and a qualified fitness instructor, Hakeem, Finance Officer and Dr Bhupinder Kohli and his amazing Stratford Village Surgery Team.

The programme is also part of the global Osteostrong family led by Kyle Zagrodzky (CEO), Jimmy Young Blood (President) and  Dr John Jaquish (Inventor of the equipment)

The RHPC psycho-physical programme caters to all abilities, no matter your fitness level. Patients can receive between 6-8 sessions when referred, to get them started, but would require a minium of 12 sessions to begin to see and feel some of the benefits of osteoginic loading. 

The programme is suitable for most patients/clients diagnosed with and or suffering from joint and back pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis. osteoporosis, osteopenia, obesity, pre and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, mental health and psychological wellbeing, sedentary lifestyle and many other long term health conditions. The programme also focuses on falls prevention and pain management.

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Service statistics
Usually replies in 4 days
85% of referrals accepted
100% of clients report an improvement in wellbeing
Service access criteria: Not suitable for uncontrollable hypertension, Uncontrolled atrial or ventricular arrhythmia, uncontrolled sinus tachycardia, Blood Pressure reaching at rest greater than 200 mmHg diastolic, Any acute febrile illness e.g. respiratory tract infections, Uncontrolled Asthma, Vertigo, unexplained "dizziness" or episodes of loss of consciousness, Diabetes, poorly controlled particularly with Ketosis, Established symptomatic cerebro-vascular disease, Pregnant women in their last trimester.
Activities for older people
Health advice
Mental health support
Social prescribing
Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
Hearing impairment friendly
Wheelchair accessible
Learning difficulty friendly
Physical disability friendly
Dementia friendly
Non English speaking friendly
Key words - separate with a comma: Mental Health, Physical Therapy, Psychological Wellbeing, Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Pain Management, Joint & Back Pain, Balance, Posture, Strength, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia,



13 reviews


8 months ago


2 months ago

It was great

Dr H

2 months ago

I was a bit skeptical about the Osteostrong program, when I heard about it but after about 8 sessions, my back pain was completely gone. I carried on doing my sessions and noticed a difference; my legs and chest muscles feel much stronger, and my back pain has not returned


2 months ago

The exercise program was very useful for me, as it shows me where I was lacking and where I can make improvements. It It also motivated me to join a gym to extend my fitness. So, I am really very pleased with the program

Dr. BO

2 months ago

It was a wonderful experience completing the program. I certainly will refer patients to you. Keep it up


2 months ago

I had a fantastic experience using the osteostrong program. I found each week I use the machine; I was surprised that generally I had gained overall strength from the last session. It is challenging but I go home feeling I had done a good workout. I have been doing a lot of bike riding this summer and I do feel improvement in the power of my legs. I do find the program to be great in improve overall health. My body has less aches and pains. The knee pains in my right leg are gone. Overall, I have great things to say about this Program


2 months ago

I completed a 12-session program on the Osteostrong machines which finished around three weeks ago. The machines were easy to use itself and I also received additional support from Bazil. I would say, at around week three I could feel some benefits from using the machine, pain in my knees and back had reduced. Then as weeks went on, I could feel that muscle tone overall was improved and more supportive around knee and ankle joints, posture had improved as well. I will say I will always have pain in my back due to a disk bulge but using the machine did help. Pain before using machine on a scale of 1-10 was an 8-9 at times. While using the machine pain was reduced to 4-5. A couple of times after using the machine I did feel like I had over exercised, and my body was a bit sore and ached a bit. All in all using the OS machines were a good experience and I hope to continue

Mr K

2 months ago

We are benefiting from the Osteostrong program, as we can see from the graph which go up and up. My wife and I are very happy with the program and your co-operation and help during our sessions and look forward to your continual co-operation in future


2 months ago

I feel that it has helped me see what my strength level is, even when I have had gaps for a few weeks


2 months ago

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to attend the Osteostrong program. I must say after every session when I see the improvement graph, I feel good. I have been feeling really energetic. I have suffered back problems in past but since I have started this machine, it seems to get better


2 months ago

After over 12 weeks on your OS programme I felt fitter than when I started. As you know, I walk three-quarters of a mile from my home to the surgery with my daughter for our appointments with you. Since starting the programme, I have cut my journey time from 25mins to about 15mins without stopping. I do get tired on the walk back home but nowhere like before, I do however feel, I am making improvements as the weeks go by


19 days ago


19 days ago

Looking forward to future sessions