Gentle Chair Moves - Online on Zoom

Gentle Chair Moves online on zoom with Rebecca Jeffery of Andigwa Dance - is for people with long term health and mobility conditions. 

Exercise in the comfort of your home.

Move and sing to fun old time music! Improve balance to prevent falls, and also improve  physical strength, mobility, flexibility and mental health.

Connect with others, and leave feeling uplifted.

Make space to move in and use an arm free chair (so as not to knock your arms when moving). It is advisable to have your doctor's permission to do exercise.  Start your journey to physical and mental wellbeing with our weekly Chair based sessions.

WHAT TO BRING: A scarf, 2 smaller scarves, 2 1-2lb hand weights or tins of baked beans, drinking water.

DATES: THURSDAYS - 13th Jan - 31 March (Note this class is offered for the rest of 2023 until 8 Dec)

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