Overcome Anxiety with Yoga & Ayurveda - online course

Yoga and its sister science 'ayurveda' is perfectly equipped to empower you to address this. 

Learn how to help anxiety from the level of the mind, emotions and body in Part 1. Because ayurveda is truly holistic, you may see some changes in physical health too!

Part 2 learn about yoga philosophy - life knowledge - a fuller understanding of the human condition and how to apply it. 


What you will benefit from:

- 13 accessible yoga practice videos for convenient time slots in your life.

- invaluable reading material.

- guidance to gain mastery over your emotions.

- learning the best foods/herbs to lower anxiety. 

- lifestyle suggestions.

- thought provoking yoga philosophy about the human condition. 

- 6 Lessons - suggest take 1 week per Lesson to integrate (reading the material straight through will take less). 

- 2 Parts - suggest take 2-3 weeks between each Part while you integrate/practice.

6-9 week course (based on timing recommendations here). But go at your own pace, everyone will vary and you may study and integrate over a longer period. 

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